To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Book Review

This book was great. And I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did. Honestly the main reason why I read this book was because I wanted to watch the movie.

Book Summary:

This book follows the main character of Lara Jean. She lives with her 2 sisters along with her father. Her mother isn’t in the picture due to the fact she died so Margot the oldest of the three siblings kinda steps into the mother role. So when Margot goes away to college in Scotland, it becomes Lara Jeans responsibly to be the mother role for their younger sister Katherine(aka Kitty) due to the fact that Kitty was so young when the mom died. Anyways, Lara Jean has been in so called “love” with about 5 boys. She writes them all a letter and she doesn’t plan on facing these letters coming out. When they do she’s forced to not only face the consequences but also grow as a person. She starts fake dating one of the guys who gets a letter and maybe along the way they start falling in love with the other. Even though it’s fake you can’t help but wonder what’s real and what isn’t as the book goes on. When Margot returns home from Scotland she overheard that Josh(her ex and one of the boys who got a letter) and Lara Jean kissed. Even thought it was once after Margot left, Margot can’t help but feel betrayed. This causes a fight between the sister and they eventually make up after some words that probably needed to be shared sooner are said. In the end it was Kitty who shipped out the letters all because she was mad at Lara Jean for making fun about Kitty liking Josh. Even though Kitty didn’t mean it she still feels upset that she put Lara Jean in the mess that she was in. (Yes they make up too)


What I found as pros others might not.

  • Anxiety. Feel like not a lot of books have an anxiety or any mental health issues. So it was nice to see it. Just wish that more books show how anxiety can affect those people and the ones around them.
  • Family. Love how this book shows that even with a lost family member [ie mother, father, sister, etc] you can still be a close knit family.


  • Margot. Even though Margot was just trying to be a great big sister. I feel like she was trying to make Lara Jean do things that Lara Jean clearly didn’t want to do. She voiced her opinion on Peter being Lara Jeans fake boyfriend without giving him a chance. Honestly feel like Margot was just trying to be the mom to much or to long that she forgot how to turn it off and be a sister.
  • Genevieve. I could go on and on about how I disliked this character. Even though she helped the story sometimes I just wanted to punch her in the face. She shows that girls can be users and manipulators as well. Due to the fact she is constantly using Peter after their breakup. Weather her intentions are good or bad you can’t help but wonder what happened to make Genevieve like this?


4.5 ⭐️

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