Five Feet Apart Book Review:

Book Summary:

This book follows our characters of Stella and Will. They both suffer from Cystic Fibrosis (will be abbreviating at as CF from now on). Will not only has CF but he also has an infection in his lungs called B. Cepacia. So having a normal anything is hard when you have to be at least 6 feet apart. Stella wants some new lungs and things if she has new lungs then there’s hope that her parents get back together. Then there’s Will who wants to be anywhere but in another hospital that his mom put him in. They aren’t the best of friends when they even meet. But they do become friends and Stella helps put Will actually on his medication he needs to survive. Will showed Stella that there’s more than just to do lists and following the rules. Stella has a YouTube channel that helps spread awareness for CF. Stella has a best friend named Poe who’s pretty much been there from the very beginning so they get what the other is going threw. Poe also becomes friends with Will as well as the third wheel as the book goes on and Stella and Will get closer. Poe was there for Stella threw pretty much everything and that includes the death of Stella’s perfectly healthy sister Abby. When Poe dies, Stella relies on Will a whole lot because of the fact Poe was her best friend threw thick and thin. Will wants Stella to get her new lungs even if it means them not being together. 8 months later, they see each other in an airport and stand 5 feet apart.

*Oh did forget to mention that during one of those videos, Stella says along the lines of ‘since CF took so much from me I’m taking something back. Im taking back 1 foot, 12 inches.’

Book Thoughts:

Thought that it was very well written and did give awareness for CF. Which can be very hard to do. I fell in love with the characters (especially Poe) and fell in love with the story. Threw this story you kinda get to see multiple sides not just Stella’s side and not just Wills side. Threw Will and Stella’s sides you get to see how it affects their families, their healthy friends, even the nurse and doctors that help them out. Especially Barb. Because she didn’t want to make the same mistake again. Think the authors did a really good job with putting this book together. It was beautifully written.

Book Rating:

5 ⭐️

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