Don’t Read The Comments EArc Review

Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Style: ebook

Page count: 368 (according to Amazon)

Trigger warnings: bullying, sexual assault, harassment, doxxing, racism, sexism

Release Date: January 28 2020

Book Summary:

This book follows our two main characters. Divya who is a big deal in the gaming community and Aaron who is wanting to create video games for a living.

Divya streams video games like Reclaim The Sun for sponsorships and that’s how she makes her money. She lives with her mother after the divorce from her dad. Her dad isn’t really involved in her life anymore since leaving. She streams with her best friend Rebekah and the rest of her group. Her mother supportive but voices concern. The Vox Populi start harassing Divya virtually which goes over to her every day life. Like when her mom comes home egged after working her shift at the library. Divya fights back and shows that she can’t be stopped. She considers stop streaming full time at the end of the novel.

Aaron on the other hand, wants to become a writer for video games. He is with a group called Mana Punk which involves Ryan, his best friend, Jason and Laura. Jason has really no plans on paying Aaron for his work for the video game they are working on. Aaron’s mother really doesn’t want Aaron to be in the video game world because she doesn’t want him to loose passion for something and end up like his father. Working hard for empty promises. Aaron thinks that his father is having an affair when that isn’t the case whatsoever. Aaron goes to a convention to get a game from Jason that used his work without permission. Him and Ryan succeed and he ends up going on a date with Divya at the end of the novel.

They do end up meeting in the game after Divyas ship gets blown up the first time. They end up forming a friendship which comes in handy at the end of the book when Aaron helps remind Divya of exactly who she is.


I’m not a huge fan of books where video games are the main theme almost. I’m a fan of video games and love books but for some reason I find video games books kinda boring. There were parts of this books I enjoyed like the ending. And when Aaron and his sister named a planet. I adored Aaron and his sisters relationship in this book.


3 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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