When We Believed In Mermaids Book Review

Genre: chick lit; Romance; Adult

Style: ebook; Audio

Page: 345

Trigger Warnings: Rape; Physical Abuse; Drug/Alcohol Abuse; neglectful parents

*the trigger warnings aren’t in very much detail.

Book Summary:

*Will go back and forth between Mari and Josie when talking about Kits’ sister. They are the same person but Kit knows her sister as Josie where everyone in New Zealand knows her as Mari*

The book follows two points of view. Kit who is a successful doctor in the Santa Cruz California area. Mari/Josie who made a life for herself in New Zealand after faking her own death.

The book starts off with Kit working her shift at her job. There is a fire in Aukland so it’s on the local news. Kit looks up and sees someone who looks a lot like her sister Josie who Kit thought was dead for the better part of 15 years. Her mother thinks the same and suggests staying at Kit’s house with hobo as Kit goes to look for the sister she thought was dead. What she wasn’t expecting was to find love as well as finding out she has a niece and nephew. Kit was beyond upset finding out that her sister had a family. From the last encounter that Kit and Josie had, Josie was still in way too deep with the drugs and the alcohol.

Josie was on the run for a while. When a bomb on the train she was on blew up, she searched for her friends that she was with. When she realized they were dead, she decided to go to New Zealand. On her way there she got sober, met her husband Simon and had two kids with him. She wasn’t planning on telling Simon the truth about her real identity or her past whatsoever. Josie started a new life as Mari and was planning on it staying that way.

When Kit and Mari finally meet in New Zealand, it becomes a reunion in a way. Kit is upset that Mari is alive and sober after having grieved her sister for almost 2 decades. While Mari is in the ’I had to kill off Josie. I was ashamed of that person.’ Mari tells Kit about her getting raped at the age of nine and how she got pregnant at the age of 15. It evolves into the two sisters trying to figure out the best way to go forward with everything. Especially when the truth comes out.


Honestly, I liked it but I could have dealt without all the sex scenes that were in this book. They were descriptive but still could have dealt without them.

I thought that this book was beautifully written and happy that it didn’t get too descriptive. The two-point of view that this book has didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the book. Sometimes the more than one POV gets honestly on my nerves. It works well for this story.

I felt like it wasn’t for me fully though. I enjoyed it but didn’t like that Josie had to start over in order to have the life she wanted. How she had to lie to those around her because she thought they wouldn’t accept her.

Also, I did like the fact that Kit wasn’t looking for love and it found her. She was like ’I don’t fall in love’ because of her parents and the fact they always fought. But even though she tries to push Javier (her love interest) away the more he shows that he’s willing to show Kit that there’s more to life than what they had in this book.


3.5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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