Harry Potter Unpopular Opinions

So I thought I’d do an unpopular opinion post about Harry Potter. These all come from BuzzFeed so take to it as you will. I will be talking about the unpopular opinions on that list and giving my opinion on them.

Neville Should Have Been The Chosen One

I did a post all about why Neville is my favorite character in the Harry Potter Series. As for him being the chosen one? I would have loved that series. But it took a while for Neville to be comfortable with himself.

Fred And George Are Overrated

Don’t think they are. They were just being themselves. In a family as big as theirs they didn’t want to be like everyone else. They wanted to be different. But if that’s overrated then don’t know what to tell Ya.

Hermione Should Have Ended Up With Victor Krum

The spent one book/movie together. And didn’t Hermione state that Krum liked to watch her study? Plus how would that relationship work if Hermione had 3 years left and Krum was in his last year of wizard school (assuming)?

Hermione Should Have Ended Up With Draco Malfoy

Man, what’s wrong with Ron Weasley? Ok, Hermione and Draco would have been the perfect enemies to lovers, but I personally think they wouldn’t have lasted.

Ginny and Harry Should Have Named Their Child Something Else.

Assuming this is about Albus Severus Potter. If that’s the case then yes. Both Harry and Ginny had positive male role models in their lives. Ginny had 7 brothers and a father. Harry had Lupin, Hagrid, Sirius. So could have been something better.

Half-Blood Prince Is The Worst In The Series.

Talking about the book or the movie? I liked the book and got to see more of Voldemort’s backstory than we did in the movie. But the movie was better than Deathly Hallows part 1.

Hufflepuff Is The Best House

Yea it is. We don’t get to see a lot of Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw it’s always Gryffindor or Slytherin. But all and all Hufflepuffs are kind, patient, loyal and dedicated (just to name a few). So yes I agree with this.

Gryffindor And Slytherin Aren’t That Different

Are we talking about characters in these houses or just in general? Because some of these characters like Neville Longbottom is as close to a true Gryffindor as you can get in this series. Where it seems like everyone in Slytherin has been there for generations. So don’t really see how they ’aren’t that different’

Luna Lovegood Is The Best Characters

I adore Luna. Think she should have been a main character or at least her own book. Like where was Luna before she just showed up in book 5? But don’t know if I’d call her the best character.

Draco Malfoy Deserved Better

In the first few books, no Draco didn’t deserve better. But once he became a death eater, yes he did deserve better. I did a post about Draco being a Villian or if he’s just misunderstood.

Albus Dumbledore Wasnt All That Great

Just how? Like yea he up and left when students like Harry really needed him.

Snape As Well Wasnt All That Great

Snape was seen as the bully for most of the series. So, of course, he’s not going to be great.

Actually, Harry ain’t all that either

He was flawed and sometimes acted as his father sometimes but think he was an okay main character.

Harry didn’t know how to take care of pets:

He got his first pet at 11. Plus his aunt and uncle didn’t want his owl out. So Harry couldn’t become a great pet owner if Hedwig was almost always locked away.

The first four movies didn’t do the books justice:

Like no peeves or winky. Those were some of my favorite characters in the whole series. So the movies could have paid a little closer to detail in those books especially the first few.

Harry deserved his detentions in Order of the Phoenix (but not the abusive punishment):

For talking out? Agreed. But talking out about something he believed in? Don’t think so. Because he did want what he was learning to be useful for when he graduated or even in the last book in the battle.

Harry and Ginny’s relationship wasn’t believable:

Ginny was a little bit obsessed with Harry when we got more of her in book 2. But think they had a better friendship than anything. Think that was more believable than them being in a relationship. But I enjoyed them being in a relationship.

Harry and Dumbledore’s bond wasn’t what people thought it was:

Harry and Dumbledore did have a bond. It may not have been a strong bond but can’t deny they had some sort of bond.

Hagrid did more for Harry than Sirius Black:

So how is this an unpopular opinion? Hagrid had been there from the very beginning. Where Sirius came in at the end of book/movie 3. Hagrid was more of a parent to Harry than his own godfather who was always on the run. Plus Harry stated that Sirius couldn’t be seen when he came out of his animagus. Both tried to be great role models for Harry but Hagrid was better.

Harry should not have lived past the final battle:

If Harry didn’t live past the final battle then Voldemort would still be causing terror. Unless they both died at the end and didn’t live past the final battle.

Voldemort actually had the saddest backstory:

Again, how is this an unpopular opinion? Out of everyone, Voldemort probably had the saddest backstory. Because of that, we got sad Harry and Neville backstories as well. But neither of them ended up in an orphanage. Even though an orphanage would have been a step up for Harry but that’s a whole nother post.

The finale of the series was anticlimactic:

Could have been done better. Like one of the main characters could have died (sorry Ron, Hermione, Harry). But some of the characters that we cared about died.

The movies are better than the books:

Did you even read the books? I personally liked the books more than the movies. And would love to reread them.

If you loved this post let me know and I’ll do more unpopular opinion post. Might not use buzzfeed but it’s a start.

4 thoughts on “Harry Potter Unpopular Opinions

  1. I agree with some – like Hermione should have ended up with Victor Krum and the Weasley twins not being all that. Other things could for sure make a great debate – like Dumbledore’s importance and Harry should have died in the final fight. Fun post 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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