When The Forest Meets The Stars Book Review

Style: Ebook; Audio

Genre: Contemporary, Mystery, Romance

Pages: 325

Trigger Warnings: mention of Depression, breast cancer, social anxiety, attempted rape, abuse of drugs and alcohol

Book Summary:

This book follows three characters. Ursa, Jo and Gabe.

Ursa shows up at the place Jo is renting for the summer. With no shoes and filthy. Ursa sticks to the story that she’s an alien, and the only way she’ll go back to her home planet is when she sees five miracles. Every time Jo or Gabe or someone else asked where she had come from, Ursa stuck to the alien story of ’I can from this planet and this is my name. I can’t go back till I’ve seen this many miracles. So why not believe me?’

Jo. Who happens to be a breast cancer survivor, is working in a house for school. She recently went back to school after beating breast cancer and after her mother had died. She lives with her friend from college as they are planning on moving in August into a new place.

Then there’s Gabe. Someone who takes care of his mother as she can’t take care of herself due to her Parkinsons. He has a hard time opening up to some people due to his past. He eventually does come around and tells Jo his story.

As the story progresses, Jo and Gabe don’t know what to do. They want to call the police but every time they suggest calling the cops Ursa says she’s going to run. So it’s hard to call the cops saying they have a child every time she says she’s going to run. They know this, because the first time that Jo calls the cops that’s exactly what Ursa does. She runs. When Gabes sister calls the cops, Ursa runs. They start checking to see if someone had reported Ursa missing but no one had. So it becomes a ‘I don’t know what to do but care for this child if no one has reported her missing’.

Towards the end of the story, 2 men come to where Ursa and Jo have been staying. They shot and kill a dog that had been staying there. The dog probably gave Jo time to think of a plan. These men were the reason Jo and Gabe found out the truth about Ursa’s past. Threw Ursa they found out that who the men were and the man who told them that he found Ursa. They found out that both her mother and father had passed away.

There are people who want to find Ursa a foster family but Ursa wants Jo. They both love each other. Jo pleaded her case but at first it wasn’t enough. At the end of the novel, the decision is made on if Ursa goes to a foster family or if Ursa becomes her foster mother.


I didn’t enjoy how much the author used “said” and “asked”. It honestly became repetitive like it was the only two words the author knew when a character said or asked something.

A book usually almost makes me cry. But while listening to this I almost cried. Especially when it the last few chapters.

There were characters I loved and hated. I enjoyed how fast of a read this was. And even though it didn’t need to end with Gabe and Jo willing to make it work, I’m glad it did.


4.5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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