5 Books By Females I Enjoyed

March 8th was international women’s day so this list is coming a little late. Today I thought I’d do the books that were written by females that I enjoyed.

When We Believed In Mermaids

When We Believed In Mermaids is about a girl named Kit going to New Zealand to find out if her sister is somehow still alive after faking her death 15 years prior.

This was my first Barbara O’Neal novel and after reading this, it honestly won’t be my last. If you haven’t read it then I would recommend it.

When We Believed In Mermaids Book Review

A Curse So Dark And Lonely

A Curse So Dark And Lonely is actually a duel perspective book. You follow Harper and Rhen as they try to fall in love and break the curse of Rhen turning into a beast. This is a beauty and the beast retelling. Also, Harper does have cerebral palsy.

Will like to reread this before reading the sequel. I don’t have a review up but will try to before the years over.

Raking Light From Ashes

This story is a true story about a parent’s sacrifice in order to save their daughter from the ghettos and concentration camps.

I love reading books about how survivors of the holocaust actually survived. Like, in this case, it was the adults around Relli who made sure that she wasn’t seen. If she was seen it wasn’t for very long.

Raking Light From Ashes book review

Everything Everything

This follows two teenagers. One who has a very rare disease and the other who just moved next door. They become very fast friends and you learn that the one with the rare disease isn’t really sick at all.

This has to be one of my favorite reads. Like I could reread it over and over again.

One Of Us Is Lying

This has to one of my favorite mysteries. Six students enter detention but only five leave. So it becomes a case of who done it. The murder suspects become close because they’re in it together. There’s twist and turns in this book that I wasn’t even expecting.

If I remember correctly, this was Karen McManus’ debut book. The way she did Breakfast Club meets Pretty Little Liars was phenomenal.

One Of Us Is Lying Book Review

There are 5 books written by females that I enjoyed. If you have books you loved that were written by females, would love to hear them! Happy Monday!

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