Chloe Rose And The Enchanted Maze EArc Review

Style: ebook

Genre: Children/middle grade

Page: 396

Trigger Warnings: Bullying, Death

Book Summary:

This follows a young girl named Chloe Rose. When the book starts off she’s living near her best friend named Edith.

When Chloes father dies, her mother ends up becoming the new queen of the land. That’s when Chloe and her mother move into the castle. Chloe ended up hating it due to her new step sister so ends up moving in with her grandmother. Her grandmother ends up telling her about an enchanted maze that she went threw as a child. Chloe would like nothing more but to say goodbye to her father.

She and Edith make their way to the enchanted maze. They had adventures as well as meet a girl named Thyra. All three agree to go on adventures together. During one of these adventures, Thyra gets taken by the night fairy. Chloe and Edith take it upon themselves to try to save Thyra. When they didn’t succeed, Edith decided to go threw her red box while Chloe stayed.


I thought this book was written very childlike. The word very got annoying. I get that this is a children’s book but the word very didn’t need to describe almost everything.

I enjoyed the pictures and the short chapters. It felt like I was getting a lot done due to the short chapters.


3 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️


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