Problems for a book lover

If you’re a book lover then you know the pain that comes with being one. So I thought that today I’d do a post about the problems of a book nerd.

The Book Hang Over

The dreaded book hangover. We’ve all been there. When a book is so good that it puts us in a book hangover. Five Feet Apart was a book that made me immediately want to reread as soon as I was finished because it was so good.

Having to wait X amount of months for the next book in the series

I usually wait till all the books are out in a series before starting to read a said series. But know there are some readers who read a series as the books come out. I’ve done this with Children And Blood And Bone and A Curse So Dark And Lonely.

Watching Book To Movie Adaptation Without Getting Somewhat Mad

So I read Simon Vs The Homosapians Agenda before watching the movie. Let’s just say I was somewhat mad at the movie. Know I’m not the only one who gets a little mad at movies because a movie totally skipped over something that was like a major point in the books.

IE: Harry Potter. You got a lot of Dobby in the books. You saw his character development in the books. But movie-wise, you see Dobby in Chamber of Secrets but don’t see Dobby again till it’s time for him to die in Deathly Hallows Part 1. I felt something when Dobby died in the books just due to the fact he was there more. But movie-wise, really didn’t feel anything when Dobby died.

Getting invested in lives that are fictional

We’ve all been there. Being way to invested in lives that are fictional. Like Me Before You, I was invested in Louisa’s life from book to book. How she would handle each situation that was thrown her way. From taking care of Will, to life after Will, to life in New York.

Buying Books Even Though You Don’t Need Too

Too many books but not enough bookshelf. Or having too many unread books but keep buying books. It’s like every time the unread TBR gets down to a reasonable number, here are 5 more books.

Considering Naming Your Pet After A Fictional Character

We’ve all considered naming a pet after a fictional character. Like Hermionie, Peter, Newt, Teresa, etc. We all have our favorite characters so we might as well name some pets after our favorite characters.

People Thinking It’s the best time to strike up a conversation because your reading

I hate this. Think most readers do too. People see that your book is open and think that’s a perfect time to strike up a conversation. That’s when they get the death glare due to them wanting to talk when you’re trying to ignore the world around you.

The One More Chapter

We’ve all been there. The ’one more chapter until I try and sleep’ or the ’one more chapter before I shower’. Next thing you know it’s 3 am and we haven’t done anything that we said we were going to do.

When Everyone Hypes up a book and it turns out to be terrible

It’s like everyone hypes up a book I stay away from the book. But once the hype dies down I tend to read it. I’m planning on reading Scythe because 1) the series is fully out and 2) the hype has died down. But know for every book that gets like 50 raving reviews there are 5 bad reviews. So I try not to go into a book (or series) with the highest expectations. But it’s hard not to go into a book with high expectations when everyone and their animal is reading it.

When They Republish The Book With A Crappy Cover

I’m putting this here because the ACOTAR are getting reprinted and the covers are pretty crappy.

I honestly feel like the top (which are the original covers) tell you somewhat the story is about without telling you to much. The bottom (the crappy reprints) tell you like nothing about them.

I know not to judge a book by its cover but I rather read a book with a pretty cover than one with an ugly cover.

So there are my list over problems of a book lover. Do you have anything that you think is a problem of a book lover? Would love to know!

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