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Do Book Titles Matter… Lets Talk Bookish

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly thing where we talk about a specific prompt on that day. It happens every Friday. It was created by Rukky over at Eternity Books and it is hosted by Aria over at Book Nook Bits. Today’s post is by Hannah over at Hannah’s Library.

You can find the October prompts here and the November prompts here.

How much does a book title matter?

Think that the title very much matters. Because it is one of the first things that the reader sees. For example, no one would read The Guest List if they weren’t interested based on the title. I think that the title is very important when it comes to the presentation of the said book.

I think the title is something that can very much make or break a book. Because if it isn’t interesting enough then it isn’t going to get readers. But at the same time, don’t want to overdo it because then it will seem like you’re trying way too hard to get readers.

I think that there is a way to make sure that you can get the right title for your book without making it seem like you aren’t trying enough or the fact that you are overtrying the book.

Have you ever read or not read a book based on the title alone?

I don’t think so. If a title catches my attention like the bookstore or the library, it almost always comes down to the cover and the synopsis. Because the title isn’t a make-or-break for me as much as the cover or synopsis is.

Do I like long or short titles?

I prefer short titles but I don’t mind a long ones. Because some of my favorite books do have long titles.

I do think that depending on the book will depend on whether or not you need a long or short title. Because with most genres, you can get away with a 2-word title. But at the other end of the spectrum, there are those books that need that 6 to 8-word title.

Do you think the title has to connect to the story in some way?

Yes. Because A Heartfelt Christmas Promise makes you think that it has something to do with Christmas. And You Should See Me In A Crown makes you think that there is going to be a crown involved somehow someway.

As a reader, I enjoy it when the title hints of what the book is going to be about. I think it would be misleading if the book Mockingjay was very different than the one that we got. If I remember correctly, Mockingjay is about Katniss finally accepting that she is the face of the revolution. That she is in fact the Mockingjay. Even though everyone else sees it long before her, its in this book that she is finally like “you know what I am the mockingjay.” And if this book was anything other than Katniss finally accepting that she is the face of the revolution, that she is the mockingjay, then the title would be very misleading over what the book is about.

I do enjoy it when the title connects to the book. Because back to what I stated earlier, the title is one of the FIRST THINGS that we as readers see when it comes to books. Because if the title doesn’t bring us in and makes us want more then there is that chance that we are not going to want to read it.

What are some of my favorite book titles?

There is this week’s Let’s Talk Bookish! Do you think that book titles matter? Would love to hear your thoughts!


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