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The Automobile Assassination Blog Tour

Genre: Historical, Fiction, Mystery

Style: Audio

Trigger Warnings: Mention of war, Mention of a murder


September 1944.

As events in Europe begin to turn in favor of the Allies, Chief Inspector Mason is once again prevailed upon to solve an impossible case.

So when Mason and O’Rourke are called to the local mortuary they find a man’s body. What is shocking is that the man is bent doubled over and lacking any form of identification. Will be calling the unidentified man John Doe going forward. So Mason and O’Rourke have to not only find out who John Doe is but how John Doe died.

Do they have their prime suspect? Or not? They don’t know if the man was a spy who was killed on the orders of some higher authority or if the place of John Does body is irrelevant. And why does no one seems to have recognized John Doe?

Can they put the clues together and find out who this John Doe is along with how he died? Or will this turn into a cold case where they don’t know who did it?

About The Author:

MJ Porter is the author of many historical novels set predominantly in Seventh to Eleventh-Century England, as well as three twentieth-century mysteries. Raised in the shadow of a building that was believed to house the bones of long-dead Kings of Mercia, meant that the author’s writing destiny was set.


I am pretty sure that this can be read as a standalone since they are solving a crime about what happened to John Doe. But they did reference things that happened in the first book that I probably should have read to fully understand some of the things that they were referring to in this book.

I enjoyed the narrator of this audiobook and how he brought the story to life. I think I wouldn’t listen to the narrator every time. Think it would have to be something that I would have to be in the mood to listen to.

I enjoyed the partnership between Mason and O’Rourke as they try and solve this case. I think that it is something I would love to read more about if there are ever any more books in this series. I think that this has to be up there as one of my favorite duos when it comes to mysteries.

I enjoyed the time frame in which this story was told. Because I don’t think that you get a lot of stories told where even though there is a war going on in Europe at this time, life still goes on. At least I haven’t read any. At least from the perspective of a civilian who knew that there was a war going on (maybe not the horrors of what was fully going on) but knew that life had to go on the best that they could make it.

The story brings you to where you want to know who this John Doe is and who possibly could have wanted him dead. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the 30-ish minute chapters but they were filled with a way that they needed to solve it to where some of the chapters had to be around that 30-minute mark.


3.75 stars

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