Hufflepuff book tag {Updated}

I did the already but I feel like my answers probably changed since then. You can read my answers here. I was tagged by Joannotation over on Twitter. Her video will be linked down below so that way you can check it out! Harry Potter: Which Harry Potter Book is your favorite? I think thatContinue reading “Hufflepuff book tag {Updated}”

What If Harry Potter Was A Girl

Welcome to another what if post. Today I’m going to discuss what if Harry Potter was a girl. To be honest, I think the story would have been very different if Harry was a girl and not a boy. But let’s look at my what-ifs if Harry was a girl! Probably wouldn’t have a HermioneContinue reading “What If Harry Potter Was A Girl”

What if Harry’s parents didn’t die

So we all know that Harry’s parents are dead when the Sorcerers Stone begins (or Philosophers Stone depending on where you are). But what if they had actually lived. If they had lived it would have meant that Voldemort had chosen Neville or they were able to defeat Voldemort when he came to kill HarryContinue reading “What if Harry’s parents didn’t die”

Who Is More Evil? Umbridge or Voldemort?

We all know who we think is more evil between Umbridge and Voldemort. Think it’s been a topic of debate for years. I will be discussing who I think is more evil. Dolores Umbridge We first meet her in the 5th Harry Potter book, The Order Of The Phoenix. Where she worked as the DefenseContinue reading “Who Is More Evil? Umbridge or Voldemort?”

What If Harry Potter actually died at the end of the series.

I got this idea yesterday when Tessa stated that it might be a good discussion. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, yesterday I did a post about the Unpopular Opinions In Harry Potter according to Buzzfeed. One of them was ’Harry should have died at the end’ therefore the post about whatContinue reading “What If Harry Potter actually died at the end of the series.”

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