What To Do In Summer


I think that this post should bring an idea to you as summer is almost here. Plus, with homeschooling taking over for the rest of the school year think some people are already looking for ideas for what to do when schooling is over or just something to do when you’re bored. With summer comes boredom and children being home all the time. I know that they might be now due to CoVid 19.

But I think to have some sort of plan on how to tackle Summer 2K20 might be a good idea. Like what to know what is open and how many people can be allowed in that place at once. Along with where to wear facemasks. So I think that this summer will be different than in years past just because of CoVid 19 and the murder hornets that have been seen (reportedly) in the United States.

Create Some Sort Of Bucket List

If you’re one of those people who like making lists, then why not a bucket list. Even though not everything will be open throughout summer it’s nice to keep an open mind and hope.

Have A Picnic

It might be nice to get outside even if it’s just for a little bit. If you can get outside and have a picnic then feel free to do that. I think that it is very important to make sure that you’re getting outside when you can. If you don’t feel comfortable going to the park just yet (honestly me), then why not have a picnic in the backyard. Most people have some sort of outdoor area so why not use it to your advantage. It may not be the same but at least you’re getting outside and enjoying the outdoors.

Take a road trip

With summer, comes the urge to take trips. especially road trips. If you can go on a road trip. I know its not fun being locked in a cramped car for hours on end but it can be great in the end.

If you have family that lives in another state or in another part of the state why not go visit them and make a road trip out of it. You can stay for a few days (if they have space) and enjoy the company of family that you don’t have the chance to see very often.

Get a new hobby

Most people would love to do a new hobby. And if you are doing road trips during the summer then you can do a few things with that. For example, photography of the places you’ve been. With those pictures, you can do a travel blog or you can create a travel blog. You could also decide to do youtube vlogs of all the new places you’ve been to.

Make Tye Dye Shirts

With some craft shops offering curbside pickup why not take advantage of it. A thing you can do is create some Tye Dye Shirts. You can watch some tutorials on YouTube about different ways to do the shirt. If you’re looking for something fun yet relaxing to do I don’t see why not.

Plus you can also make this into some sort of business if you wanted too. Because I think there are people out there who will pay to have Tye Dye Shirts done. (Note, If you do this, I would suggest doing this threw Poshmark)

Go To a Sporting Event

I know that sporting events are kind of nonexistent right now but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan to go to one. Some are possibly coming back before summers over so if you are comfortable going to one then go to one.

I don’t want to get any sports fans hopes up, so that’s why I guessed that some will have some sort of rules and regulations to not only keep the players safe but the fans. Even if it’s 25 to 50 percent its usual capacity.

So if you want to go to a sporting event make sure that you are not only keeping yourself safe but others safe as well. I do hope that sports come back in some way so that way fans can attend even if it is virtually.

Go On A Break From Technology

If you feel like technology is taking over your life then why not do a break from technology. I mean we do a break when we are sleeping. But if you are consuming all your waking hours either on your phone, watching television, playing those video games then why not take a break.

Before you say “I use technology for work” (IE Blogging) why not do a post(s) for the next few days. That way you can have a relaxing day without technology. You can still get work for your blog done without using technology. You can write down ideas that you want to do and the ideas that you have. If you have a planner you can plan what days you can do it.

For example, if you take a break on a Tuesday you can have a tag scheduled for Tuesday then you can have your WWW Wednesday scheduled for Wednesday. Then you don’t have to worry about having to do the tag and doing your WWW Wednesday.

Make a Playlist

Why not make a summer playlist to listen to all summer long. That way you can keep adding to it every summer. You can use Spotify (because I know that’s what most people prefer) but you can also use whatever music listening platform you want as long as you can make a playlist. I enjoy listening to my “favorite songs” and “Go To songs” playlist on Spotify. You do not have to do this. Just as long as you have that go-to playlist.

What are some things that you can plan to do this summer? I would love to know if you have any plans for how to tackle this year’s summer!

Bookish Sins That I Do Always

I got this idea from PjnkSkies and you can read their post here. Note that some of my bookish sins and their bookish sins may overlap. But that’s perfectly okay.

Dogear pages

Ok. I don’t do this with every single book but I do this with books that have parts. For Example both Imaginary Friends and Scythe, both have parts so I chose to dogear the parts. I feel like it helps me when I’m getting close to the next part of the story. I do this with books without parts as well it just happens t be rare.


I enjoy highlighting my favorite parts of the story. Some of my favorite books are highlighted because I want to remember them. I feel like highlighting makes a book your own due to you found something important and memorable enough to highlight it.


I do this in every book. Okay, well almost. some of my English teachers were like “its okay to write in the book” (when it was a book the student purchased). So that’s the mindset I use that it’s okay to write in the book. I enjoy marking my books up with a pen. I enjoy Boxing paragraphs that I don’t want to highlight (or if I don’t have a highlighter, this is how I tell what I find important and memorable). I also underline the words that I don’t know. I enjoy making a book on my own. that way when I reread it I can see what my thoughts were on page 328 paragraph 5.

Cracking the spine

In the beginning, I tried to keep the spines perfect. But the more I read the more impossible it became. Now when I have a book where the spine can easily break I look forward to it. My copy of Everything Everything has a broken spine and yet still one of my favorite reads regardless of the spine. (Everything Everything Review).

What are some bookish sins that you do? I would love to know in the comments.

Hufflepuff book tag {Updated}

I did the already but I feel like my answers probably changed since then. You can read my answers here. I was tagged by Joannotation over on Twitter. Her video will be linked down below so that way you can check it out!

Harry Potter: Which Harry Potter Book is your favorite?

I think that its the Goblet of Fire. Just because that’s when we start seeing Voldemort more than you did in the first 3 books. along with how the Death eaters work more in the fourth book. They play a part in the last three books so think the fourth has to be my favorite give or take Cedric’s death.

Loyalty: Hufflepuffs are known for their undying loyalty. Name an insta-buy author.

If you look at my shelves its definitely Nicholas Sparks and John green. considering I have more books by them than any other author that I own. But I do want to read more Barbra ONeal after reading When We Belived In Mermaids. When We Believed In Mermaids

Animals/Magical Creatures: As Hufflepuffs, we tend to have a great love for animals. Name a book/series that has your favorite animal/magical creature in it.

I feel like I haven’t read any books with magical creatures or animals in them since the last time I did this tag. But I know I enjoyed Where the Wild Things Are when I was younger.

Trustworthy: We Hufflepuffs are very trustworthy, however books can also be very trustworthy. Name a series in which none of the books disappointed you.

I honestly think the maze runner trilogy. Not including the prequels just because I haven’t read them. But the original trilogy yes I can read it over and over again and not get disappointed

Caring: Us Hufflepuffs care a lot for others, even fictional characters. Name a book/series whose main character holds a special place in your heart.

The best of Me by Nicholas Sparks. I enjoy reading Amanda and Dawsons’ story from time to time. Think that these two characters will always have a special place my heart

Kindness: Huflepuffs always strive to be kinds to others, no matter who they are. Name a book/series that you love despite its flaws and imperfections.

Thnk it has to be To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. It’s flawed and Imperfect but I enjoy it regardless.

Patience: Hufflepuffs tend to be very patient, and that’s a useful trait when reading slow paced books. Name a book you struggled to get through, but stuck it out till the end

Strange The Dreamer. I haven’t read the sequel yet and I don’t know if I ever will. this was the first book I read on Kindle (which I think was a bad idea). I found this book slow and I don’t know if I ever will reread it. I did stick it out just because I wanted to see how it ended though.

If you want to do this tag you’re more than welcome to. I’m not limiting this just to Hufflepuff if you want to do it then you can!

Subscribe to her channel here

My Blogging Advice

I got this idea from SavsReview and you can read their post here. This is going to be my blogging tips and advice. You certainly don’t have to take it if you don’t want to. I have done other blogging posts that I will try to link some of them at the end of this post. But note, what works for me might not work for you.

Having some sort of drink

I tend to set aside time in the morning just for blogging. So I personally have to something to drink. Whether its coffee, an energy drink, water. I think that it helps me not only stay focused but helps wake me up as well. Depending on when you work on yours will depend probably on what you want to drink.


Sav mentioned this in her post and I totally agree with this one. I think if you want any sort of success on blogging you have to be consistent. Some people don’t post everyday. I think its been beneficial to me to post every day but if you think that posting 2 to 4 times a week works for you then go for it. Just as long as you keep that 2 to 4 times a week. You cant post a Monday one week then post on a Tuesday 3 weeks later. Have Monday be the day where you have your reviews and having Tuesday/Thursday be your tag day.

Don’t be afraid to show your personality

I know that blogging seems scary at first but when you get the hang of it, It’s not all bad. I have found ways to show my personality threw blogging. I have found posts that I enjoy doing even if the numbers don’t show that people don’t love it. Showing personality can show your audience who you are as a person.

Other Posts To Check Out!

Recently Read

Finally, read the next of my 5 books. I kinda went on a reading slump during the month of May so that’s why I haven’t been posting book reviews. So now that I finished a book this month maybe I can get back on some sort of track to where I’m reading more. But we will see. I will have the reviews linked to the reviews so that way you can read my thoughts on them.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

This was a reread for me. As always I enjoyed and loved this book. And how I haven’t watched the movie yet is beyond me. That is part of the reason why I reread the books (especially the first two) so I can watch the movies. But I’ve never gotten around to it. I loved Peter and Lara Jean in the first book but I feel like they kinda go downhill (at least for me) in books 2 and 3 when John Ambrose is more in the story.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Book Review {ReDone}

Crito Di Volta

Ok. I loved how this didn’t read like a poetry book but it was a poetry book. Honestly kinda forgot what this book is about but that’s the great part of adding the reviews in away.

Crito Di Volta EArc Review

The Last Magician

MY BABY! Ok, I loved this book. I think that this will definitely be a book I constantly reread. Surprised I haven’t reread it yet, to be honest, so I can write and tab the physical copy I got for my birthday last month. But this is about a girl who goes back in time in order from stopping the last magician from stealing this book and in a way ruining the future that she lives in. There are some twists that you may not see coming and leaving you wanting more. (At least that’s what it did for me)

The Last Magician Book Review

Red Snow

I do kinda say what I didn’t like in this book in the review if you want to check it out. But I think this might be one of the worst books I read this year. I think because of this book I got into a reading slump because I didn’t enjoy it. I don’t fully remember what it was about but I do know that it followed some magical creatures and this one lady who was trying to get this car to Texas I believe. Again, you can read the review if you would like.

Red Snow book review

Everything Everything

The reread to help slowly get out of this reading slump that I’m still kinda in. I really enjoyed this book (the audio not so much). But I want to just reread it again and again. I loved this book almost as much the first like 6 times that I read it. I think I might always enjoy this book even if it becomes outdated.

Everything Everything Book review

So there is my recently read! I hope that you guys enjoyed. Also, are there any books on this list that you have read or would like to read? I would love to know in the comments!

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