Crazy Is My Superpower Book Review

Genre: Non Fiction; Auto biography Style: Audiobook; hardback (used both) Pages: 267 Trigger warnings: bipolar disorder; depression Book Summary: This follows our author AJ Mendes Brooks throughout her life up to the point to where she started writing the finished product. How she felt being a child of parents who had her older brother asContinue reading “Crazy Is My Superpower Book Review”

Things to do in December

December is practically here. And while we are all out doing Christmas (or the holiday you celebrate in December) shopping, there is some other things that we can do. So thought I’d do a list of things to do in December. Making Christmas Cookies Or you know any type of cookies that make you thinkContinue reading “Things to do in December”

The Scorch Trials Book Review

I will be talking about the second book here. If you have not read The Maze Runner, then please stop reading or go check out my book review before coming back to this review. Genre: ya fiction, dystopian, post apocalyptic Pages: 360 Format: paper back Trigger warnings: none from what I can tell Book Summary:Continue reading “The Scorch Trials Book Review”

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