The Best Of Me Book Review

Style: Physical & Audio Page: 292 Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Adult Trigger Warning: Alcohol Abuse, abuse Summary: Amanda and Dawson were high school sweethearts. Amanda was from a family with her life on the right track. Dawson from a family that’s famous for using violence to get their way. Dawson’s family has been in and outContinue reading “The Best Of Me Book Review”

Everything Everything Book review

Genre: romance, contemporary Style: physical & audio Page count: 306 Trigger Warnings: PTSD, abuse Book Summary This follows our main character Maddy. All she has know is the inside of her house. That is until a mysterious boy named Olly and his family moves in next door. Maddy becomes curious about this family and moreContinue reading “Everything Everything Book review”

Red Snow book review

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Style: Ebook Pages: 62 Trigger Warnings: murder, mention of drugs and alcohol Book Summary: This book follows our main character Kayla as she’s trying to take a car from Washington to Texas. Along the way, she sees a black Impala that’s showing up almost everywhere. It’s then she realizes that sheContinue reading “Red Snow book review”

Crito Di Volta EArc Review

Style: Ebook Genre: poetry Page count: 200 Trigger warnings: mention of Rape and Abuse, mentions of mental illness (like PTSD) Release Date: May 1st, 2020 Book Summary: This is a book of poetry. It deals with some topics. It doesn’t go in depth with some of them but it does mention the trigger warnings upContinue reading “Crito Di Volta EArc Review”

The Last Magician Book Review

Genre: Fantasy, Time travel, Historical Style: Audio, ebook Page Count: 512 Trigger Warnings: Discrimination (against people who have magical ability), Murder (but doesn’t go into detail) Book Summary: Stop the Magician. Steal the book. Save the future. At least that was the plan when Esta went back to 1902. Her job is to stop HarteContinue reading “The Last Magician Book Review”

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