Why did I start blogging

I know that some people (not all) kinda explain why they started blogging in their abouts so you can get to know them better. But I thought why not just make a blog post about ‘Why I Started Blogging’. I know that it might not be interesting or anything but why not right?!

Because I love to write:

For me I enjoy writing because I personally find it relaxing. I may not be the best writer but at least I can share ideas and get feedback.


I mainly started this blog in order to get more experience writing book reviews. I hardly ever write them on goodreads so obviously a book blog would be more useful. Personally think it is considering how I construct my book reviews.

Being Creative:

This is a way for me to be creative. Where I can post what I want to post without hopefully being judged for what I was posting.


Personally think I can only do so much threw social media. I can only tweet so many times to watch a video. Or write reviews on goodreads. But connecting threw blogging that’s something else. Because think that it’s a group of people (at least the ones I’ve connected with threw Twitter as of recently) that genuinely want to see you succeed.

Something I can keep up with:

I have a generally hard time being consistent. I know that blogging isn’t going to be easy especially when first starting out. But I honestly believe that it’s something I can be consistent with. With ideas that pop into my head, for future blog posts, I can put them in my drafts for me to come back to.

Being myself:

I honestly have a hard time expressing and being myself. Threw blogging I can be like ‘this is how I feel’ and not care what others think. Even though I still care what others think about my work, I don’t care as much as when it comes to blogging. Yes, there’s things that I will probably never share on this blog and I’m honestly okay with that.


Everyone has their form of therapy without talking to a therapist. Mine just happen to be cooking, writing, wrestling, and reading. So why not do a somewhat public diary about something I’m passionate about. So I decided to just combine my 2 favorite things to do. Reading and writing. Just doing a blog has been so helpful. On the bad mental health days, setting aside an hour just to blog helps put me in a better place.

Here’s why I started blogging. Know we all started for different reasons. We each have different ways of how we became successful. I’m still learning how to blog. I absolutely enjoyed blogging.

Gift Ideas For Kids

I’m back with another gift idea blog post. This time for kids. I’m not saying I know what kids want for Christmas. But if you’re stuck on what to get a child in your life weather it’s your own, a kid cousin, godchild, whatever the case might be then maybe this will help. *Just note this will be split up into boys & girls. But will have some gender neutral options just in case your still not 100% sure*


  1. Action Figures
  1. Toy Cars (ie hot wheels)
  1. Racing Track
  1. Anything Nerf (ie football, water gun)
  1. NBA Door Hoop
  1. Robot Dinosaurs (ie Meccano meccasaur)
  1. Books (ie Diary Of A Wimpy Kid)
  1. Remote control cars
  1. Dart boards
  1. Bow & Arrows (obviously fake)


  1. Barbie dolls
  2. Earmuffs (especially if you live somewhere cold)
  3. Scrunchies & Hair Ties
  4. Customizable Light Box
  5. Karaoke microphone
  6. Anything frozen
  7. Books (ie junie b Jones)
  8. Baby doll
  9. Plastic kitchen
  10. Anything moana


  1. video games
  2. Legos
  3. Games (ie monopoly; Cards)
  4. Funko Pops
  5. Books (ie dr Seuss)
  6. Play doh
  7. Paw Patrol Things
  8. Linkin Logs
  9. DVDs (IE life of pets)
  10. Trampolines

There are my gift ideas for kids. You don’t have to get these but I know that this is the time the year where we get stuck on ideas. So hope y’all got some ideas on what to get that special kid in your life.

A Murderous Relations EArc Book Review

Genre: Historical Fiction; Adult; Mystery

Page Count: 320

Style: Ebook

Trigger warnings: None That I Could Find

Release Date: March 10th 2020

Book Summary:

The year is 1888. London is being terrorized by serial killer Jack The Ripper. One person suspects that they know who is responsible.

Victoria Speedwell and her colleague Stoker, are asked by this person to see if the prince is in fact responsible. There is a potential scandal that is threatening to rock the monarchy to its core. The prince is a regular visitor to this club in London. Madam Aurore did in fact received a gift that could be traced to the prince.

Victoria & Stoker agree to go under cover to see if the prince was in fact guilty (which he wasn’t). A body was found while Victoria and Stoker where at a party at the club that the prince was a regular visitor of. Many secrets are threatening to be revealed if Victoria & Stoker don’t find out the truth.


This book did take a while to get into. Wasn’t a huge fan of the first half of the book just because it felt slow. But as soon as the body was in fact found I started getting into it and wanted to know what’s going to happen. Along with who did it. Knowing that the identity of Jack the Ripper isn’t identified, still enjoy it.

This book is part of a series and it does reference things that happened in past books. Like the abduction of Victoria, Stoker, and the prince by Victoria’s uncle. They had met in a previous book. So definitely would suggest reading books 1-4 first.


3 ⭐️⭐️⭐️


Welcome to this weeks WWW Wednesday. Where I answer the questions of ‘What I Last Read’, ‘What I’m Currently Reading’, and ‘What I’m Planning On Reading Next’.

What I Last Read?

This book follows our main characters of Stoker and Veronica. You can read my book review of this here.

What I’m Currently Reading?

Think after reading A Murderous Relation, it got me in the mood for mystery. One Of Us Is Lying seems like the perfect book to help with the mystery mood that I’m currently in.

What I’m Planning On Reading Next?

Hopefully I can reread one of my favorite books this month with Five Feet Apart. I can’t wait to revisit these characters!!

Thanks for reading this weeks WWW Wednesday!! I’ll see y’all next week with a new WWW Wednesday!

Favorite Christmas drinks

Since Texas is finally having fall like temperatures and cold nights. Thought would share my favorite Christmas drinks. We are in December and super glad that it’s not 80 for once.

Peppermint Mocha (latte & creamer)

As soon as peppermint mocha hits the shelves and comes back at Starbucks I have to get it. I usually have a few. They sometimes put it out when they put out the pumpkin spice creamer. Usually have to wait till after Halloween for the latte version to come out. But it’s worth it.

Hot Chocolate

You can never go wrong with hot chocolate. As it starts getting colder I tend to want hot chocolate. Sometimes with some peppermint mocha creamer.

Hot chocolate coffee

Actually have been getting into this. Especially when it’s a cold day it’s nice to have something yummy. I started drinking this on the colder days or just when I’m both hot chocolate and hot coffee. With the right combination I find it really good.

Iced coffee

Yea. I still drink ice coffee in December. It’s not every day it’s the days where it’s between 70 & 80. I’m the type of person who prefers iced coffee over hot coffee.

Frosted Gingerbread Creamer

I tried this over thanksgiving and it was amazing. Like it made me want to drink more coffee. Honestly think that this might be my winter creamer. That’s if I can find it. I found it when I was in Oklahoma but haven’t found it since I’ve been in Texas.

So there are my favorite Christmas/Wintery drinks. If you have a favorite winter drink let me know in the comments. Maybe we can find a new favorite winter drink. Or creamer.

Favorite Vlogmas content

It’s December!! Meaning a lot of vlogmas content!! Totally love binging YT this time of year. Especially when it’s finally starting to feel like it’s supposed to feel where I live, for the most part. So thought I would bring to you some of my favorite YouTubers who are doing Vlogmas and who you should definitely check out if you haven’t already.

Alisha Marie & Ashley Nicole

I’m combining these two YouTubers because of the fact they are sisters. So might as well just combine them. I’ve been subbed to both of them for a while and really enjoyed their content and they help me look forward to vlogmas. And you will probably be wanting some Starbucks by the end.


So this is another youtuber who I’ve been subbed to for awhile. I was subbed to her main channel of MissRemiAshten before venturing to her vlog channel. Love the content!!

Tara Michelle Vlogs

I can’t explain what it is. But her vlogs are some of my favorites to watch. It’s something I can look forward to when she does in fact upload.


Even though she’s not vlogging every day of vlogmas her vlog content is one of the best. Always look forward to her vlogs even if they aren’t for vlogmas.

So there is my list for my favorites vloggers who are doing vlogmas. Do you have any vlogger that are doing vlogmas? Suggest some down below in the comments.

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