Favorite Contemporary Books

Since it’s around the time where a lot of readers pick up those contemporaries. Thought I’d do my favorite contemporaries. That way if you want to check them out you’re more than welcome too. If I have a book review for any of the books I talked about I will link them. To All TheContinue reading “Favorite Contemporary Books”

Favorite Book Boyfriends

We all have our book significant others. So what I’m going to do is talk about my favorite bookish boyfriend weather they got with the heroine or not by the end of their story. John Ambrose I loved reading about John Ambrose in PS I Still Love You. By the end it was ‘if LaraContinue reading “Favorite Book Boyfriends”

Favorite Christmas songs

So we are officially less than a week till Christmas. It is in 5 days. So thought we can talk about some of my favorite Christmas songs. Know we all have different favorite Christmas songs but around Christmas it’s usually the same just different artists and remixes. Mistletoe by Justin Beiber You’re a mean oneContinue reading “Favorite Christmas songs”

Favorite Christmas Smells And Candles

It’s the Christmas season. It’s the time of year that we talk about our favorite Christmasy smells. We all have our favorites. So today we are going to talk about mine. Vanilla/Warm Vanilla Sugar I decided to put these two together just because they both put me in a Christmasy mood. I love wearing theContinue reading “Favorite Christmas Smells And Candles”

Favorite Christmas drinks

Since Texas is finally having fall like temperatures and cold nights. Thought would share my favorite Christmas drinks. We are in December and super glad that it’s not 80 for once. Peppermint Mocha (latte & creamer) As soon as peppermint mocha hits the shelves and comes back at Starbucks I have to get it. IContinue reading “Favorite Christmas drinks”

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