The Best Of Me Book Review

Style: Physical & Audio Page: 292 Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Adult Trigger Warning: Alcohol Abuse, abuse Summary: Amanda and Dawson were high school sweethearts. Amanda was from a family with her life on the right track. Dawson from a family that’s famous for using violence to get their way. Dawson’s family has been in and outContinue reading “The Best Of Me Book Review”

Shows And Movies To Watch During Pride Month

With June being Pride Month. I wanted to do a post that is about the shows and movies to watch during Pride Month. These will include LGBTQ+ Characters. Pitch Perfect Series If you haven’t seen the pitch perfect trilogy then maybe watch it in June. If you have then use the excuse to revisit theContinue reading “Shows And Movies To Watch During Pride Month”

PanemAThon TBR

Welcom to my PanemAThon TBR! I decided to join kind of last minute (aka a few days before the readathon starts). So I don’t know what all ill be reading. Plus i will have my typical June TBR where i will talk about the other readathons i will be doing in the month of June.Continue reading “PanemAThon TBR”

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